At the Yealm Yacht Club we have an active cadet programme, there to help the younger members of our community practice their sailing skills, try their hands at racing, while having lots of fun along the way. Cadet membership is open to all those aged 8 – 18 years. We encourage parents to be YYC members too. Although this is not strictly compulsory, it really helps things run more smoothly and we appreciate parents doing their bit to help out.

Key Dates for the Diary

  • September 1st to 2nd – Cadets on Tour
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To apply for cadet membership, you will need to read the risk assessment below, fill in the application form and send to Deborah Wiseman on

Cadet Essential Info 2018

Cadet Risk Assessment 2018

Cadets Entry and Consent Form 2018


“When we enrolled Tom as a cadet initially, we were a little nervous as we don’t sail as a family. But Tom had a fantastic year! We’ve now bought a boat and are joining as a whole family.” - Karen Jaggs, YYC family member

How it works

Age eligibility – children are eligible to join cadets during the calendar year in which they are 8 years old. For 2017, children will need to have turned 8 by the 31st December 2017.

Parental support – the cadet’s programme relies on the help of parents. The overall programme includes a rota of duties and we would appreciate everyone doing their share to make this fantastic activity run.

Parental responsibility – as you will appreciate, sailing comes with its risks, something that we anticipate and manage with vigilance at every session. It’s important that parents read the risk assessment thoroughly and understand that they are responsible for their children at all times throughout every session.

Boats & storage – all sailing cadets inevitably need boats! It is advisable to procure a boat, such as a Topper, Laser Pico or similar craft to ensure your child has maximum time on the water, but there is also the possibility to jump in as crew and the parent on duty will do their best to ensure everyone has a turn in a boat.

Numbers – there have been occasions where the number of children wanting to sail exceeds the number of supervisors. In these circumstances, Yealm Yacht Club reserves the right to restrict the number of boats on the water for safety reasons.

Rules – while we understand all children want to have fun, we are mindful of safety at all times. We expect all cadets to listen to the parent on duty and act responsibly both on and off the water.

Dinghy storage – there is a limited amount of storage capacity for dinghies of cadet members. Please address all your enquiries to the Cadet Secretary, Deborah Wiseman. You will need to fill out a form to apply for a space: YYC Dinghy Storage Application Form

Cadet Committee Members

  • Andy & Vicky Williams
  • Mel Leal
  • Fiona Evans
  • Elly Pegg
  • Tim Yonge
  • Conrad Humphries

Cadet sign up 3rd March 2018 3-6pm

Cadet programme attached.

May-September -Cadets sessions to take place on weekends and during school holidays dependant on the tides.


Cadet Essential Info 2018

Cadets Entry and Consent Form 2018



Cadet Programme

Day Date Month HW Height Start time
Sun 6 May 1032 4.6 930 Easter Egg Race
Sat 12 May 1644 4.8 1530 Session 2
Sat 26 May 1646 4.9 1530 Half term 1
Sun 27 May 1730 5.1 1615 Half term 2
Fri 1 Jun 2032 5.2 1830 Session 3
Sat 9 Jun 1507 4.5 TBC Cadets in Yachts Passage race
Sun 10 Jun 1558 4.7 1430 Mars bar Race
Sat 23 Jun 1518 4.7 1415 Points series 1&2
Sat 7 Jul 1302 4.4 1200 Points series 3&4
Sun 8 Jul 1409 4.5 1300 Cadet Regatta
Sun 22 Jul 1436 4.5 1330 Captains Race 1
Tues 7 Aug 1432 4.6 1330 Points series 5&6
Fri 17 Aug 1058 5.1 1000 Points series 7&8
Mon 20 Aug 1350 4.4 1245 Captains Race 2
Tues 21 Aug 1502 4.4 1400 Points series 9&10
Wed 22 Aug 1607 4.5 1500 Fun session
Sat 1 Sept 2201 5 TBC Cadets on tour
Sun 2 Sept 1022 4.9 Cadets on tour
Sat 8 Sept 1734 5.4 1615 Cockerel & Rabbit
Sat 15 Sept 1018 5.1 915 Pallot Sheild
Sun 16 Sept 1101 4.8 1000 Captains Final Race