Test page to demonstrate display of multiple embedded Google Calendars – Proposal is to display the top version on a standalone “Calendar” page and the lower one on the club website home page. Users (members..) can filter the display to chosen event types using the (small) dropdown arrow at the top-right of the calendar. At present there are three calendars within the display – “Sailing – Yachts”, “Sailing – Cadets” and “YYC – Social Events” but I’ve only imported  events for the “Sailing – Yachts” & “Sailing – Cadets” categories. I can add further categories / calendars as required. Clicking on an individual event displays more information, and individual events, a category or the whole lot can easily be imported to a user’s own diary.

Each of you – Paul, Tim and Brett / Kirsty would be able to directly update the relevant calendar using a shared Google signon to “” and updates would be shown immediately on the website, without me needing to import or upload anything – so much more responsive.

Let me know what you think. The display isn’t ideal, but more specialised WordPress Plugins are either expensive or look very flaky and unmaintained, so this seems to me to be the best compromise.



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