Join Our Club

Membership of the YYC is for 12 months and can be paid up front or in monthly instalments by direct debit. You'll be pleased to know there is no joining fee for new members and we’ve moved on from the requirement to be proposed and approved, but do let us know if you’re new to the area as we can introduce you to a few people. Please note, any new members joining in the middle of the year who wish to pay annually will be charged for the remaining months of that year, renewing in the following January. Our membership options include:

£200 p/year


Adults and their children

Monthly Subscription

£18 per month


Parents or guardians and children aged 8 to 18 (24 if in full time education) years inclusive, regardless of size.

£140 p/year



Monthly Subscription

£12 per month


For adults. Joint membership is available for £170 per year or £15 per month. Joint members constitutes partners or any two people living at the same address.

£33 p/year


8 - 18 yrs

Monthly Subscription

£3 per month


Children aged 8 - 18 years (on 1 Jan 2016) and who aren't already members with their family.

£90 p/year

Country Membership

From 8 - 18 years

Monthly Subscription

£8 per month


Available to people living over 25 miles from Newton Ferrers, who do not have a home within that radius. Joint and family country membership is available for £150 per year or £13 per month.

POA Enquire


65+ on Jan 1st


Existing member whose age plus years of membership equals or exceeds 80, can apply for Senior Membership. This applies to joint members when either member meets the conditions.

Frequent Questions
  • Are there any restrictions to family membership?
    The only restrictions are the ages of your children. Family membership covers adults and their children up to the age of 18 (or 24 if in full time education).
  • Can I pay monthly by cheque?
    You can't pay monthly by cheque, but you could pay annually by cheque. Alternatively, it is relatively straight forward to set up a direct debit. Simply fill in your bank details on the application form.
  • What happens if I only come to the club once a year?
    Well that would be a shame. We have lots of great sailing and social events for you to enjoy! You are able to cancel your membership at the end of the year.