3 Creeks celebrates 5 year birthday with a twist!

Adopted by the club in 2016, the 3 Creeks Race is officially 5 years old this year!

A start with a tender twist

To celebrate, the organising committee have thrown in a few more treats to make it even more fun. This year’s race which starts in Dartmouth on Saturday 12th May, will kick off with the spectacle of a tender rowing race from Dartmouth to Kingswear no less! The lead tender racing goliaths will give their runners a head start for a new run taking in the beautiful coastline out past Froward Point before casting off for a tactical race around Start Point into Salcombe. Transitioning onto East Portlemouth beach, competitors head off for another corker of a run to Prawle Point before settling in for a relaxed, sociable evening. Top tip: most teams meet up for a tipple in The Fortescue Arms!

A new category for cruisers – class 2

Last year we were delighted to see a few more Yealm teams skippered by Johnny Leal, Ned Mumford and Chris Williams. We welcomed 14 teams in total to the start line with yachts of all different shapes and sizes. This year we’re keen to encourage more of the smaller cruisers to join in the fun, creating a new class to level the playing field. Class 2 boats will face the same course on day 1 but a shortened course on day 2, sailing straight to the Yealm before despatching runners on Cellars for the final push home to the Yacht Club.

All rounder prize – put your running shoes on…

We’re also throwing in a special 5 year anniversary prize for the fastest team to get every member of their team (yes skippers included) around at least one of the running legs. The fun never stops.

Thank you to Marchand Petit & the Yealm Hotel

We are especially delighted to have the support of local estate agent Marchand Petit and for the first time this year, Yealm Hotel who have both so kindly sponsored the race. The Marchand Petit flags have become welcome beacons for excited and tired runners as they start and finish each running leg and we hope you will make them feel very welcome in the club over the 3 Creeks weekend.

So lots of new aspects this year. We are looking forward to another great race and hope to share it with a few more teams from the YYC itself. There’s lots more information on the 3 Creeks website and Entry Forms. Come on and join the fun. Failing that, come and cheer on the teams and have a drink on Sunday afternoon from about 3pm onwards.

Check out last year’s blog:

A race that includes sailing AND running? Why the 3 Creeks not!

And a few pictures from last year’s race:





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