RNLI Passage Race

Saturday 5th June 2021

2021 RNLI Passage Race Results
Dayboats Skipper/Helm Corrected time Class place
Richard King 2h 10m 12s 1
Tim Petitt 2h 10m 13s 2
Andrew Matthews 2h 10m 15s 3
Charles Gozzard 2h 10m 45s 4
Julian Whitely 2h 11m 5s 5
Chris Williams 2h 12m 20s 6
David Sheppard 2h 17m 46s 7
Dinghies Nigel Edwards 2h 16m 5s 1
Chris Hampe 2h 17m 27s 2
Dan Bevan 2h 18m 59s 3
Dan Heaton 2h 20m 36s 4
Bob Jeffery 2h 23m 28s 5
Mark Harris 2h 27m 52s 6
Felix Harris 2h 30m 22s 7
Luke Jones 2h 43m 7s 8
Callum McCullough 2h 59m 46s 9
Mike Ellis 3h 12m 5s 10
Yachts Ian Kennedy 1h 17m 22s 1
Keith Woodgate 1h 19m 3s 2
Paul Richardson 1h 28m 29s 3
Andy Coughlan 1h 52m 26s 4
Richard Evans 2h 16m 21s 5
Barrie Hallett Withdrawn


This is a charity race open to all comers with proceeds going to the RNLI. The race is open to dinghies, dayboats, yachts and multihulls and suitable for young and old alike. Races start from Jennycliff Bay and end at Mouthstone Point or Yealm Yacht Club depending on class and afterwards there is plenty to eat drink and reflect on the race at the clubhouse.

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If you have any queries please email Chris Tullett at passagerace@yealmyachtclub.co.uk